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PHE Challenge 48 HRS
In honor of PKU Awareness Day on December 3rd, we are challenging those who treat, know and/or care about someone with PKU to join together in the first ever Phe Challenge! Take part in this special initiative to help spread awareness about PKU and the challenges that people with PKU face each and every day. Together, we can make a difference and spread the word about PKU! Here's how it works:
Follow a low-Phe diet for 2 days.
Follow a low-Phe diet for 2 days.
Know someone with PKU that you would like to support? Follow their low-Phe diet for 48 hours, eating the same amount of Phe or protein that they are allowed to eat each day. Visit PKU.com for low-Phe recipes and diet tools.

Either follow a low-Phe diet or - for a truly authentic Phe Challenge, Cambrooke Therapeutics will provide you with a variety of their Glytactin GMP formulas. On day 1, try the product your family/friend takes, and on day 2 try Cambrooke’s delicious natural protein Glytactin drinks or bars. Contact Cambrooke at 866-456-9776 (option 2) to choose your formula. As a thank you, Cambrooke Therapeutics will send your family member/friend a 15% off coupon for Cambrooke Foods low protein foods.
Take a short, 5-question survey to share your experience.
Take a short, 5-question survey to
share your experience.
Click here or visit PheChallengeSurvey.com to access the survey—a donation to the NPKUA will be made in your name! Interested in making your own donation to the NPKUA? Click here.
Don't forget to spread the word!
Don't forget to spread the word!
You can help increase awareness about PKU. Share your story on the PKU.com Facebook page, or your own social media. Encourage your clinic team, family and friends to participate and help spread awareness about PKU!

YOU can make a difference!